My name is Michael Demarski. I am the founder of 3 Form Fitness. After spending 15 years in the ‘corporate’ fitness world, I decided to create a new environment where people could set goals, achieve results, and have fun without the pressure of sales and without the fear of not seeing results. I spent years listening to members explain how they did not see the results they promised from these sales reps at these corporate gyms. I care about my clients, and I left that world to make a difference and help my clients get what they deserve… RESULTS!

I created 3 Form Fitness for all ages and fitness levels to enter a place without judgment. 3 Form Fitness provides an energetic environment for people to come without worry. 3 Form does not have a sales team. We have a family that will be with you on your fitness journey, start to finish.

I look forward to seeing you in class!